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Хочу выразить свою благодарность команде «Глобал Диалог» и особенно Ольге! Вы помогли мне во всех аспектах – быстро и профессионально. Даже учитывая, что у меня до этого был отказ в Канаде. Спасибо, что помогли в осуществлении моей давней мечты :)
Школа Embassy считается самой лучшей в Новой Зеландии! Нагрузка большая, задают много! Преподаватели превосходные! Русских в школе мало, так что наш язык сам по себе забывается! Школа удобно располагается в центре города.
Поездка прошла отлично. В Новой Зеландии чудесно, и двух недель, конечно, мало. Потренировала английский, погуляла, искупалась пару раз, подзагорела. Окленд - замечательный город! Ни школа, ни жилье нареканий не вызвали.
27 мая 2013 / Новая Зеландия
Я – студент из России. Я долгое время размышлял о том, куда мне пойти обучаться после курсов английского языка. По совету моего агента пошел на 5-ый уровень программы National Diploma in Computing потому как я улетел в Новую Зеландию сразу после школы и диплом 5-ой ступени стал моим самым первым кирпичиком в построении моего заграничного образования.

Спасибо большое агентству «Глобал Диалог» в частности Кристине, за хорошую работу.

Все было очень хорошо организовано. Я про вас уже рассказала всем своим друзьям.

Hello Viatcheslav.

I’ve got four papers so far. They are: “Organisational Behaviour”, “Human Resource Management”, “Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in NZ” and “Project Management”. All the system of education actually emphasizes self-education. Lecturers encourage students to do reading before the lecture so classes often include discussion of the topic.

I really enjoy “OB” and “PM” as they are easier for me to understand, but “HRM” and “SMEs” are more complicated and they are both applied to NZ business environment. In general all lectures are rather interesting and of the high level of teachers` performance.

It was and still is quite difficult for me to cope with the studies. First thing is the level of English. I understand lecturers nearly 100 per cent but when it comes to communication with peers I don’t understand them at all. And I’ve got two group assignments. The amounts of reading are also quite large (I mean for me). Since the beginning of the semester I spend almost all my free time studying and don’t even think about finding any job.

And it seems that I’ve found the explanation of my difficulties. All my classmates are the second year students and they were surprised how I could take the second year papers without obtaining some more basic knowledge. They say that even written assignments (essays) were much easier.

There are plenty of international students, mostly Asians and some Russians as well, but not as many. One Russian student told me that there are 80 at AUT.

As I mentioned I don’t work now and not as sure as was in Russia about future plans. It might be a sort of a homesick and it eliminates at some point Now about prices. I’ll give them in NZ$ ( 1NZ$ is about 60-65 US cents and about 18-19 rub).

Student apartments -$178 per week (which is quite expensive even for the centre of Auckland but they are filled completely).

Food: in my estimations if you go out to eat it`s gona start from $25 per day. E.g. sandwich with coke is about $7, kebab $7-8, steak with chips and eggs $16.

I cook at home and spend on food less than $100 per week, probably $12 per day.

I mean I have balanced diet for this money- fish (filet) , meat, fruits, vegetables etc.

Last week I bought the 6-colour printer for only $66 (brand new form the shop). Just compare to ,for example, accommodation. But CDs, DVDs, books and all other staff like that tiered with intellectual property are extremely expensive.

We had free Internet access in our rooms but since next week we have to pay about $20 per month with unlimited access which is really chip. Hope I covered mostly the level of prices but if you want to know more just ask me( and also whatever questions you have).

I remember about photos but not earlier than during the Easter holidays ( end of April).

In 1.5 weeks I have to complete three essays and pass one mid-semester exam.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Ildan.

Hello, Viatcheslav.

Thank you for the perfect organising of my journey.

Flight was quite long . It was delayed in Moscow so I spent very few hours at the hotel in Dubai . My Australian visa wasn`t checked in Brisbain ( but it was in Dubai).

Using the information provided I found the bus which took me right to the front door of the student appartments. It`s quite cheap and very convinient.

Apartments are close to the Campus. It takes about 3-4 min to get to the Uni.

I`ll attach photoes to give you an idea of my room and kitchen.

At the Uni I`ve got 4 papers and have to write an assignment for each. A bit difficult first weeks as there is too much reading and my English is not enough. People have a heavy accent . I understand lecturers 95-100% but when it comes to every day communications with students sometimes I don`t even catch a gist.

We have 2 weeks break in April and 3 in June-July.

Ildan Gaynulin, Auckland University of Technology

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