Hello, Viatcheslav.

Thank you for the perfect organising of my journey.

Flight was quite long . It was delayed in Moscow so I spent very few hours at the hotel in Dubai . My Australian visa wasn`t checked in Brisbain ( but it was in Dubai).

Using the information provided I found the bus which took me right to the front door of the student appartments. It`s quite cheap and very convinient.

Apartments are close to the Campus. It takes about 3-4 min to get to the Uni.

I`ll attach photoes to give you an idea of my room and kitchen.

At the Uni I`ve got 4 papers and have to write an assignment for each. A bit difficult first weeks as there is too much reading and my English is not enough. People have a heavy accent . I understand lecturers 95-100% but when it comes to every day communications with students sometimes I don`t even catch a gist.

We have 2 weeks break in April and 3 in June-July.

Ildan Gaynulin, Auckland University of Technology

Отзывы о Auckland University of Technology

Hello Viatcheslav.I’ve got four papers so far. They are: «Organisational Behaviour», «Human Resource Management», «Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in NZ» and «Project Management».